Gabriel Daigle: What is truth? |

Gabriel Daigle: What is truth?

To the editor:

What is truth?

Some of us believe all the things we see and hear. Some of us would rather believe a lie than the truth because it sounds so good. Some of us don’t know what the truth really is.

We don’t know what to believe any more.

The fact of the matter is, to tell the truth hurts sometimes. We all need to examine ourselves. If we don’t stand for what is right and true, we will fall for everything.

Some of us believe that we are our own god, that the true God doesn’t exist or that God is dead. But, the truth is if God were dead, the universe, earth and all of mankind would not be here today.

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We would not exist at all. And that’s the truth, whether we believe it or not.

Some of us also believe that there is no absolute right and no absolute wrong. So whatever we want to believe, the choice is ours to make.

Do we really want to continue to live in lies and deception or do we want to know the truth, the real truth?

More than 2,000 years ago, a ruler asked Jesus, what is truth? Jesus replied, I am the Truth, and the truth will set you free. I want to be set free in my own life and say and do what is right and true.

Considering all, would our life here on earth be much better than what it is today if everyone in the world would be truthful? Think about it.

I, for one, have been doing just that.

My thoughts.

Gabriel Daigle