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G. Ward Mansfield: Recognizing Dr. King

To the editor:

I wonder if Jan. 19 had come and gone with uninterrupted postal service, would a large number of our local population even have realized it was a holiday recognizing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? I think that as human beings and Americans of the 21st century, we need to ask ourselves that question and more. Do we recognize African Americans as contributing fathers and mothers of American history and ingenuity as a whole, or merely as a form of entertainment? Are we receptive and willing to welcome with open arms our African American brothers and sisters into our community. Homes and lives without discrimination or subjugation on the part of the majority here in Moffat County? Do we teach in the classrooms of our schools the impact that African Americans have had on ever important developments such as mechanical ingenuity, medical advancements, politics, civil rights, writings, food and entertainment? With the recent release of the move “Selena” accompanied with Dr. King’s birthday and the holiday to commemorate it, I have to ask myself all of these questions. My thoughtful and conscientious answer is a resounding “yes.” How about you? I was so wonderfully influenced by the lives of Douglass, Carver, Washington, Angelou, Ross, Evers and Martin Luther King Jr. I hope more children will be, as well.

G. Ward Mansfield


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