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Future health club ownership debated

Lee Harstad

The possibility of turning Trapper Health Club over to the state and extra funds needed to complete The Center of Craig remodeling project were the major issues covered at a special Moffat County Associated Junior College District (MCAJCD) Board of Control (BOC) meeting held Wednesday.

After the last state board meeting, members of the state system had a tour of Colorado Northwestern Community College-Craig facilities.

According to Vice-President of CNCC-Craig, Dean Hollenbeck, the group’s first stop was at Trapper Health Club. After their visit, state board members suggested CNCC-Craig turn the facility over to the state.

Hollenbeck stressed this would not cut any community participation but would make the club more student orientated by having more credit-bearing classes. Physical education credits are necessary for students to graduate.

According to Hollenbeck, along with not cutting any current activities, the state would take care of all maintenance activities.

“I do not see any disadvantages to this plan,” Hollenbeck said.

An example of the maintenance issue is the roof over Trapper Health Club. CNCC-Craig has budgeted $8,000 for repair of the roof. This cost has now been figured to be five to six times greater than that. If it became a state-run facility, the state would foot the bill for the improvement and any others deemed necessary.

With the BOC in control of the facility now, members want to first make sure they are in legal possession of the health club. The BOC will file the deed to the building and then decide whether to keep Trapper Health Club, sell it, or give it to CNCC, who would then turn it to the state.

More information will be found and discussed on this issue at the next regular BOC meeting on Nov. 15.

In terms of The Center of Craig structure, the grant seems to have run out, leaving the basement of the facility undone.

“It came to light that the grant will not allow for the completion of the rooms,” Hollenbeck said. “We’ve been working with Craig City Manager (Jim Ferree) since late last fall and there are things that needed to be completed that are not in the budget.”

Items needed to be completed in the basement include work on the ceiling, painting and installing carpet.

The added cost of completion is between $15,000 and $18,000. Hollenbeck requested the BOC’s support in the completion of the basement. Whether this is a CNCC-Craig issue or an issue for the City of Craig was a concern of the BOC. If it is their issue, the BOC would also like to see what sort of lease agreement could be worked out. This addition will be looked into at the next meeting.

The next special BOC meeting will be held on Nov. 12 when the new BOC members will be sworn in and an election of new officers will be held.