Frontage road to close at intersection with Moffat County Road 7 in front of Loaf ‘n Jug |

Frontage road to close at intersection with Moffat County Road 7 in front of Loaf ‘n Jug

CRAIG — The frontage road parallel to U.S. Highway 40 in front of Loaf ‘n Jug will soon be closing.

During its April 17 meeting, the Craig City Council agreed to write a letter of support for the closure, as requested by Colorado Department of Transportation.

In the meeting, Craig Road and Bridge Director Randy Call said CDOT decided to close the road after receiving data about the number of accidents at the intersection of Moffat County Road 7 and U.S. 40 and the frontage road. CDOT will close the road, but the city is expected to landscape the closure.

The area to be closed will also serve as the route of a new shared-use path from Columbine Apartments to Loaf ‘n Jug.

The northern frontage road was intended to close when the southern frontage road was closed last year. Call said CDOT wanted to see how the southern frontage road closure affected traffic before making a decision to close the northern road.

The details of the closure remain unclear. The frontage road might be turned into a one-way, westbound road, Mayor John Ponikvar said. This would allow large vehicles or vehicles with trailers to turn west to leave Loaf ‘n Jug.

Ultimately, council unanimously voted to sign the document after Call expressed concern that the state would abandon the project without the city’s support. Call also told the council that the state agreed to install pedestrian signals at the intersection, but only if the frontage road is closed.

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