From the Publisher: I guess this is goodbye |

From the Publisher: I guess this is goodbye

After 13 years of living in Craig and being a part of this amazing community, I am saying goodbye. A position has opened up allowing my husband, Jim, and I the chance to live closer to the majority of our family, an opportunity we can’t pass up.

There are many wonderful things happening in Craig, and I look forward to following all of the progress, change and growth.

I have been proud and honored to be a part of many organizations and committees that all have a mission of making a difference in this great community we live in: Rotary Club of Craig, Moffat County United Way, Craig Chamber of Commerce, Community Clinics, Moffat County Tourism Association, the Craig Centennial Committee, Yampa Valley Data Partners and a few other ones.

It is hard to say goodbye! Driving around Craig for the past week, I have shed many tears. I quickly fell in love with this area and the people. I can never thank you for all of the friendships, working relationships, and opportunities Craig and Moffat County have provided to me.

A part of my heart will always be here…

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