From the Publisher: I guess this is goodbye |

From the Publisher: I guess this is goodbye

After 13 years of living in Craig and being a part of this amazing community, I am saying goodbye. A position has opened up allowing my husband, Jim, and I the chance to live closer to the majority of our family, an opportunity we can’t pass up.

There are many wonderful things happening in Craig, and I look forward to following all of the progress, change and growth.

I have been proud and honored to be a part of many organizations and committees that all have a mission of making a difference in this great community we live in: Rotary Club of Craig, Moffat County United Way, Craig Chamber of Commerce, Community Clinics, Moffat County Tourism Association, the Craig Centennial Committee, Yampa Valley Data Partners and a few other ones.

It is hard to say goodbye! Driving around Craig for the past week, I have shed many tears. I quickly fell in love with this area and the people. I can never thank you for all of the friendships, working relationships, and opportunities Craig and Moffat County have provided to me.

A part of my heart will always be here…


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October 18, 2019

Last week Audrey Danner of Craig brought me two boxes of recipe books. She was “downsizing” her recipe book collection and wanted to know if I’d like to have the books. Of course I did, so since then I’ve had fun reading through them. In fact, I made a pie from a recipe in one of the books.

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