From the Editor: Becoming a Local |

From the Editor: Becoming a Local

Josh Carney

Moving to Craig seems like it took forever. In a way, it did.

I started as your editor of the Craig Press on Oct. 25 and didn’t move to the Great Northwest until Dec. 2, which was the day my wife and I closed on our first home.

Throughout that time, I’ve been part of the team here at the Craig Press working on this popular special section, Locals. It’s been a long, trying process to not only work myself into the fold here in Craig, but also churn out this popular section.

With that, Locals has been a blessing to me because it’s allowed me to learn about a handful of people that make Craig and Moffat County, well… Craig and Moffat County.

As I said when I first took this job, there was just a feeling of home, not only with the town, but the people and the general way of life. That’s what makes this place so special. There’s so many great people and interesting stories to tell, and we hope to accomplish just that this holiday season with our Locals special section.

Personally, I look forward to becoming a local, of sorts, in the future. I’ve
set down roots here. My wife and I plan on raising our family here. We may not be locals yet, but we’re darn sure looking forward to settling into the community, making this our home, and hopefully making a difference here.

Enjoy the stories of your fellow residents. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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