From the Editor: A sense of home |

From the Editor: A sense of home

Josh Carney

Just over a month ago, during a meeting with Don Jones in what turned out to be my final interview before accepting an offer to become the new editor of the Craig Press, Don asked me: why Craig?

Since I announced that I was leaving the Post Independent earlier this week, there’s been a huge outpouring of support towards my family and I from readers, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

The one question always asked though is: why Craig?

During the application and interview process to become your new editor, I kept asking myself why Craig? Each and every time I kept coming back to my roots: it feels like home.

You see, home for me growing up was the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, or the Steel City, as many know it. I come from a blue-collar, hard-working family and town that helped shape me into who I am today.

When I first started at the Post Independent as the sports editor nearly five years ago, I viewed the job as a stepping-stone towards my ultimate goal of becoming a beat writer for a pro sports franchise in a big market. Coming out of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in journalism, and Syracuse University, where I earned my master’s degree in journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, my mind was set on becoming a big name in the industry.

However, once I moved to Colorado and got involved in community journalism, my goals shifted because I fell in love with community journalism. A big reason why I’m coming to Craig is that: telling the community’s stories, both good and bad. I believe there is still a major need for community journalism, especially in places like Craig and Glenwood Springs.

I want to tell your stories. I want you to take pride in picking up the Craig Press on Wednesdays and Fridays, knowing it’s your community newspaper telling your stories. What I want to bring is balance and direction to the Press. I strongly believe there’s a need to write positive stories about community members, organizations, businesses, etc. We’re a community newspaper after all, and there’s something special to reading about a friend, family member, or colleague in your local paper.

Make no mistake though: we have a duty to report the news, good and bad. In time, you’ll grow to trust the Craig Press completely once again.

But Craig as a whole…it just feels like home. It’s genuinely hard to explain, but that sense of togetherness within this community was very welcoming right away, which has my wife Karlie and our 1-year-old son Julian excited to move to the area and settle down in the house we just bought. When you know, you know, and with Craig I knew right away.

We’re beyond excited to become part of this community outside of my role as the editor. I look forward to meeting people — both engaging audiences through conversations and editorial board participation, but also by getting out in the community and being a part of local organizations.

It’s an honor to become your new editor at the Craig Press. I hope you’ll enjoy this experience as much as I will.