From Pipi’s Pasture: You know it’s cold when… |

From Pipi’s Pasture: You know it’s cold when…

Diane Prather
Diane Prather

The weather has been so mild, and suddenly (within minutes it seems), it has turned cold. So all day I’ve been keeping track of what it’s like to try to adapt to the frigid temperatures here at Pipi’s Pasture, and the following is what I included in my notes.

You know it’s cold when…

• there’s frost on your eyelashes, and your contacts freeze. (This actually happened to our grandson Kenny when he went hunting this morning.)

• you step into the creek water, and it warms up your feet. (This also happened to Kenny.)

• you don’t need any ice for your soft drinks.

• the screw cap (with nipple) of the calf bottle freezes so you can’t get it off the bottle.

• the automobile washer fluid freezes up.

• you have both the furnace and wood stove running full blast.

• the ice on the stock tank water is difficult to break — time to install the tank heaters.

• the birds are hiding somewhere (I wonder where).

• the cars, pickup trucks, 4-wheeler vehicles, and tractors start, but you know they really don’t want to.

• there are big patches of white on the black cows when they get up in the morning.

• the cows have grumpy dispositions.

• it’s a five-layer morning — pajama top, shirt, sweater, and two jackets, with the heaviest jacket on top.

• the cats don’t come for breakfast; they’re cuddled up in the haystack.

• the fertilizer in the corrals is frozen so you have to watch where you walk; it’s tricky going.

• a cow’s drool has become an icicle.

• the pasture, roofs, gates, lawn and cars are white in the morning.

• you can smell the stove smoke coming from neighboring houses.

• it’s a more-than-one blanket night.

• it’s time to get out the flannel sheets.

• everybody’s eyes are on the thermometers.

• you have to leave enough time to defrost car windows.

• the pumpkins, left from Halloween, have frost on them.

• even the sun wants to hide from the cold.

• the “breathing” from a pile of sleeping cows makes it look as if the cows are smoking.

• the corral animals stay in the pens as long as possible in the morning.

• it’s hat and glove weather.

It’s cold, but one thing is for sure — the sun will come out again. In the meantime, stay warm.

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