From Pipi’s Pasture: What I’ll miss about summer |

From Pipi’s Pasture: What I’ll miss about summer

Pipi's Pasture

It probably seems dumb for me to be writing about the last days of summer because there are still some left — but not for long. Already the nights are cooler, the crickets sing after dark, and the morning light arrives a little later than it did a month ago. School is starting, and Sept. 1 is just around the corner.

This morning when I was out in the front yard pulling the hose to another setting, I got to thinking about how I’ll miss watering the lawns when summer ends—even though it’s a lot of work. There’s something very rewarding about putting water on a dry spot or on trees with leaves that are starting to curl up. Besides that, a bonus is watching the birds that often hop around in the sprinkling water.

My trip out to the front lawn got me to thinking about other things that I’ll miss when summer is over and fall arrives, such as:

• Keeping an eye on the front porch tomatoes as they ripen. It’s amazing how much they ripen overnight.

• Enjoying the many-colored “faces” of the pansy plants

• Writing a column under the air conditioner on a hot day with a glass of ice-cold water beside me

• Working in the garden on a cool summer morning

• Spotting the summer pasture cattle bedded down in the shade after their early-morning graze

• Watching water trickle by in the ditch that runs through the Morapos ranch.

• Playing with two spring kittens as they lounge around on the front porch

• Listening to the songs of the summer birds. Tthe robins aren’t seen as much as earlier in the summer.

• The smells of steaks and hamburgers cooking on a grill

• Not having to warm up the car in the morning or to have to clean off the windshield

• Having freshly-washed rugs dry out on the porch rail

• Picking apples in the orchard at the Morapos ranch

• Weeding and watering the great big pumpkin patch in the garden

• Picking zucchinis in the garden

• Enjoying cool evenings on the front porch and patio

• Having a variety of fresh produce to cook for our meals

• Sharing the daily flower-watering with a kitten that plays with the plants as I work

• Enjoying fresh peaches with cream

Summer days have passed quickly, but fall will be wonderful, too.

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