From Pipi’s Pasture: Waiting for daylight |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Waiting for daylight

Diane Prather

The credit for this week’s “From Pipi’s Pasture” goes to my sister, Chalotte Allum, of Fort Collins. One early morning, a couple of weeks ago, Charlotte called me and said that she had an idea for my column.

Charlotte gets up early, and that particular morning she was waiting for it to be daylight so that she could use the natural light to choose the colors of fabric she was using to make a quilt. One thing led to another, and pretty soon Charlotte was thinking about the time we all spend “waiting.” In the days when we were growing up on the ranch, we didn’t have many modern conveniences — electricity, for example. So, there was even more waiting than today.

Well, I told Charlotte to take some notes and I’d get back with her when I finished reporting State Fair results. So when I called her back yesterday she had quite a list of waiting situations, most of them based on days growing up on the ranch. Some apply to today’s world, others not so much.

Waiting for…

• the stove to get hot

• the coffee to boil

• noodles to dry

• bread dough to rise

• the mailman to come up Morapos Creek

• the clothes to dry on the clothesline (so we could make the beds)

• the stores in Craig to open

• a tire to be fixed

• school to start

• fish to bite

• semi trucks to arrive (to take cattle to Denver)

• irrigation water to come down the creek

• the veterinarian to care for a cow (The veterinarian was often Neil McCandless.)

• the garden to “come up”

• the lettuce and radishes to get big enough to make salad

• the roosters to get big enough to have fried chicken

• alfalfa to bloom

• hay to dry

• the combine to come up to Morapos (custom combining)

• cows to calve

• time to do chores

• the pea pods to be filled up with peas so they were ready to pick

• the grader to plow the snow, opening up the road.

• the mud to dry up so we could drive down the road and maybe go to the movies

• the mud to dry up so we didn’t have to wear our overboots to and from school

• springtime

• the pullets to get big enough to lay eggs

• the hens to lay, sometimes just one more egg needed for a recipe

• Dad to go cut down the Christmas tree

• a new battery so that we could listen to the radio

• the cows to come home from summer pasture

• daylight

What are you waiting for?

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