From Pipi’s Pasture: Things are good… |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Things are good…

Diane Prather
Diane Prather

This morning the air temperature was so warm that I didn’t have to break ice on one stock tank, my sinus cough is almost gone, and both of the twin calves, born yesterday afternoon, are nursing on their mom, so things are good here at Pipi’s Pasture.

Besides that…

• it’s only a few days until St. Patrick’s Day, and though there isn’t any clover in Pipi’s Pasture, some of the grass is starting to green up.

• the robins have returned.

• the blackbirds, doves, some little spring birds, and now the robins, too, serenade us with their spring songs each day.

• the grandkids will stop by to visit, even perhaps spend the night, this coming weekend.

• we’re finally getting used to Daylight Saving Time, especially a new chore routine. (We haven’t been used to seeing the school bus with its lights on in the morning, either.)

• the mud is drying up, so I may be able to set my boots aside which is a good thing since I pulled the sole off one of them when I got stuck in the the corral “goop” the other evening.

• the pasture has dried up enough so that hay doesn’t get lost in the mud.

• we are grateful for the moisture that came with the recent storms.

• the cows enjoy their afternoon naps in all of the sunshine.

• the cow (mentioned in the column’s introductory paragraph) loves her calves, keeps an eye on both of them, and, so far at least, she’s able to feed the calves.

• some of the mama barn cats are about ready to “burst,” meaning that the haystacks will soon have kittens hidden in them.

• the trees in the yard got watered with the last storms, right before we were getting ready to water them with the hose.

• my brother, Duane Osborn, reports that he heard the sandhill cranes, saw some woodchucks, and the salt and pepper plants have come up — all on the ranch at Morapos.

• my computer has put up with me so that I haven’t accidentally “lost” my column while putting it on the thumb drive. (It happens more often than you would think.)

Things are good!

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