From Pipi’s Pasture: The sounds around us |

From Pipi’s Pasture: The sounds around us

Diane Prather
Diane Prather

This past week I have been listening to the sounds of the birds here at Pipi’s Pasture. Some of their songs seem to be heralding spring. So that has gotten me to think about other sounds around us, most so familiar that we may take them for granted. This week’s column is dedicated to the sounds around us.

For example, there’s the sound of …

■ Coffee being brewed at 6 a.m.

■ Rain on the roof

■ A cow “talking” to a newborn calf as she cleans it up

■ A coyote howling after dark

■ A robin’s rain song

■ The furnace turning on at night when it turns cold

■ Snow falling off the roof on a warm winter day

■ An elk’s bugle

■ A tea kettle announcing that the water is ready

■ The spring song of the red-winged blackbird

■ A cow slurping up water from a tank or pond

■ Freshly-washed clothes blowing on the clothesline.

■ Cows as they chew their hay

■ An empty stock trailer being pulled up to a loading dock

■ A corral gate being opened and closed

■ The bawl of a bull as he watches cows in the pasture.

■ A mama sheep calling to her baby

■ Wind before a storm comes in

■ Cereal being poured into an empty bowl

■ Fingers working away on a keyboard

■ Dogs barking in the distance

■ A flicker announcing the arrival of spring.

■ Fire crackling as a log burns in the fireplace.

■ Water trickling over rocks in a stream

■ A cow licking a mineral block

■ A cow and calf trying to find one another after dark.

■ A chicken’s cackle after she’s laid an egg

■ A mama pig “talking” to her babies as they root around in the soil.

■ A tractor as a farmer works away in a field.

■ Meat frying in a skillet

■ Cats fighting during the night

■ A cow’s mad bawl when her calf is threatened

■ Mosquitoes when they swarm around water in summer

■ A goat when it can’t find its mate

■ A family automobile as it turns into the driveway

What sounds are familiar to you?

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