From Pipi’s Pasture: Some of my favorite things |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Some of my favorite things

Pipi's Pasture

On Wednesday I was watering the backyard lawn next to Pipi’s Pasture, and during one change of the hose, a pleasant moment, I noticed the cows that were lolling around in the shade — if they could chew their cud, they would have been — the robins “talking” as they busily picked away at the nearly-ripe chokecherries, and imagining that the grass and trees saying “thank you, thank you” for the water.

And I thought that watering the lawn is one of my favorite things to do. Then I thought about some of my other favorite things. The following are some examples.

• spending time with my family — husband, sons and wives, grandchildren, brother, sisters and their families

• spending time with people in general

• rain on the roof

• flowers in my flower pot garden, especially my “prairie flowers”

• just-the-right temperature fall days

• greeting my old cows in the corral each morning at feeding time

• watching a bunch of calves play

• the smell of laundry after it has been hung outside to dry

• brightly-colored fall leaves

• watching a mama cow take care of her newborn calf

• watching hummingbirds fight over a feeder

• driving across a freshly-mown hayfield to check cattle that have just been put out on it

• hearing crickets at night

• picking apples off our trees

• the scent of lilacs, sweet peas, and roses

• the big old silver maple tree in the yard of my childhood home

• watching ice skating on television

• cow things — ceramic knickknacks; refrigerator magnets; stuffed cows that moo, sing songs and walk; clips to hold bags shut; and a whole lot more!

• the scent of sagebrush and rabbit brush on a rainy day

• the rocky ditch running through the corral where my siblings and I played as children

• a pumpkin patch

• a warm comforter on a cold night

• the way soil smells in early spring when planting the garden

• cows contentedly chewing their cud as they rest on a green pasture

• reading my favorite writing magazine while enjoying a cup of coffee

• watching kittens play as mama cat keeps watch

• weeding the garden in the early morning

• listening to a robin’s “rain song”

• walking through a bunch of fallen leaves

• the smell of new textbooks and crayons on the first day of school

• writing my columns

Sometimes it’s good to think about things we enjoy. It’s positive; it makes us feel good. What are some of your favorite things?

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