From Pipi’s Pasture: Smelling the roses |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Smelling the roses

Diane Prather
Diane Prather

This week’s column was inspired by our son Jamie. It happened when we were talking about the hurried lives we all have and sometimes not taking the time to notice the small things. He shared a springtime experience. Jamie is a contractor, and one spring (perhaps this past spring) he noticed a lilac bush at a work site. When it started to bloom, he took some time each morning to smell the flowers. It was his way, he said, of “taking time to smell the roses.”

I am especially guilty of hurrying from one thing to another. Hurry, hurry, hurry! I have to finish chores and meet deadlines. My husband, Lyle, often points things out to me. For example, he might say, “Did you notice that the apples are getting ripe?” Even though I am in the front yard at least a couple of times a day, I don’t take the time to notice the apples on the tree that’s just a few steps away from the water hydrant.

So a couple of weeks ago when I was up on the Morapos Road, following my brother Duane Osborn as he moved a bale wagon from a hay meadow down to the ranch, I purposely slowed down (because I could have gone on ahead of him) and took the time to notice — really notice — what was going on around me. And since then I’ve been trying to slow down a little more, too, taking the time to “smell the roses.” Following are some of the things I’ve seen, that I might have not seen otherwise, and sights that I’ve taken time to savor.

• A few chokecherries starting to ripen on bushes next to the county road.

• One of the neighbor’s cows standing quietly and mostly hidden in the bushes along the road.

• Tree-covered mountains against a bright blue sky.

• Foxes standing next to the road.

• A cat nosing around a haystack in the hay meadow.

• A white-colored moon disappearing from the early morning sky.

• A tiny spider web built in the corral fence where the poles corner.

• A little frog hopping in among the green bean plants.

• A bumblebee sleeping on a yellow daisy blossom.

• Almost-ripe apples on the tree in the front yard.

• A young skunk peering out from under the storage shed.

• The bird nest hidden way up in the poplar tree.

• A whole flock of crows walking around in the hay field.

• Garden corn that seemed to jump up 6 inches after the rain.

• Late fall kittens hiding in among the bales of hay.

• Lilac leaves trimmed by some insect, making it appear as though they were hand-cut with pinking shears.

• Deer footprints around a sack of grain.

• Tiny — very tiny — crab apples on a backyard tree.

• Mushrooms growing in the lawn.

It’s all about taking the time to smell the roses.