From Pipi’s Pasture: One of life’s little moments |

From Pipi’s Pasture: One of life’s little moments

This spring a robin has decided to nest in one of the tall poplar trees that grow in front of our house. The nest is hidden about halfway up in the tree where a big branch forks off from the trunk, leaving a little crook in between. The nest is so well-hidden that I would not have known it was there at all if I hadn’t caught sight of the mother robin one morning as she was busy doing something with the nest.

The robin was working feverishly, pushing something (probably twigs and grass) around with her beak and then scratching with her feet. Sometimes she sat down and “fluffed” around, which was a comical sight, indeed. I was delighted — a robin’s nest right outside the bedroom window.

Since that first morning, I have made a point of looking for the mother robin. Now I can see the twigs and grass on one side of the nest. It is more difficult to spot the robin, but if I look closely enough I can make out her head that bobs around as she sits on the nest. Sometimes her beak is pointed upward. Once in awhile she stands up to do something; I can’t make out just what. This morning she flew straight down — almost like someone jumping out of a plane — perhaps to look for food or more materials for her nest.

I have no idea if the mother robin has any eggs in the nest. There is also the possibility that she has chicks. The father robin is probably around, too. What I do know is that watching mother robin in her nest is one of “life’s little moments,” the enjoyable experiences in my life — one of many.

I have a great, full life, but it is so busy that there are a lot of stressors in it, too.  There’s work away from home, household chores, family, and a bunch of cows to care for—none of which I would give up—but just as in anyone else’s life, there is stress, too.  So I have learned to take advantage of “life’s little moments,” those “things” that give me pleasure and trigger my body to produce the natural, “feel good” endorphins which help manage the stress.

I have only to look around me as I go through my day. Besides watching a robin, there’s the joy of watching a mother cow as she cleans up her newborn calf or a bunch of calves as they run and jump in the pasture. There’s pleasure in noticing the pink tulips that have just started to bloom, in smelling freshly-washed sheets after they have dried outdoors, or the smell of coffee as it brews in the morning. There are hundreds of “life’s little moments” that provide me with a “jump start” when stress starts to take hold.

What are some of the “little moments” in your life?


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