From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s wet here in the pasture |

From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s wet here in the pasture

Diane Prather
Diane Prather

We’re so thankful for all of the moisture. The rain has greened up the pastures, and a little water is even seeping into the summer pasture ponds. It’s wet—that’s for sure. This past week, my brother Duane Osborn, who lives at Morapos, jokingly remarked that it’s so wet one of his bulls has started to quack. When I told Lyle what Duane said, he added that he thought our cows were starting to grow feathers. After an early, warm start to spring, who would have guessed that the month of May would turn out this way?

It’s so wet here at Pipi’s Pasture that…

• the cows could use the water puddles in our driveway for “watering holes.”

• the corral “squishes” when cows or people walk across it.

• likewise, the corral is so slick that it’s easy to slip and fall, and that’s just what happened to me this week, a sloppy incident indeed.

• the robins are having a great time picking up the fat earthworms that have come up on top of the ground.

• a person can even uncover earthworms when pulling bottom bales away from the haystack.

• I don’t have to make up excuses when I overfill the stock tank — I just say that the rain left the mess.

• we need some sort of roller device to push the water out of the corral so that we can brand calves.

• it takes more hay when feeding because some of it gets tramped down in the mud.

• it’s a challenge to keep the lawn mowed.

• the tree leaves sparkle when the sun comes out.

• the dandelions are tall, and they’re easy to pull.

• even though the garden has been tilled, leveled and the rows marked, it can’t be planted yet.

• even the cats sink down in the garden mud when they walk across it.

• the robins have sung the rain song so much that they’re starting to lose their voices.

• it’s not wise to wear any kind of shoes or boots that have holes in them.

• the cows and calves are starting to look at us with “why us?” expressions.

• the mama cats and kittens are still snuggling up out of the rain in their upstairs “apartments” located high up in the haystack.

• the rugs at the front and back entrances to the house have to be washed every day.

• we’re beginning to wonder if we will ever get the branding done.

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