From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s summer! |

From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s summer!

Diane Prather
Diane Prather

Summer! It’s what we yearned for back in January when the weather was cold and snowy and the roads were icy. It’s what we yearned for in May when it rained, snowed and frosted. Summer is finally here!

• The weather is hot — hot enough to leave a window fan running all night in order to be able to sleep.

• The mornings are cool — for a while — so that’s the time to work in the garden and get other around-the-yard chores done.

• The patio flowers need to be watered daily.

• The garden hose runs all day long.

• The big trees are slurping up the water, leaving dry places in the lawn even a day or two after watering.

• Iced tea is the drink of the day.

• The zucchini and other squash plants look droopy during the heat of the day and perk up when it cools off in the evening.

• There’s a cat in the shade under every tree.

• The mosquitoes are out.

• The spiders have built webs, full of eggs or babies, around the flowerpots and across the corners of the deck.

• The cows spend days swishing flies (but don’t like to be powdered with fly repellent).

• The weeds are growing faster than the garden plants.

• Even the patio (with a metal roof) is hot.

• Baby robins have grown up and have left the nest.

• Cows on summer pasture are hard to find because they’re shaded up in the brush.

• Ranchers are keeping their eyes on pasture water ponds, hoping they won’t dry up.

• Haying season is in full swing, and ranchers are grateful that the hay is drying fast so they can bale.

• County residents are taking precautions so that fires don’t start up.

• A little rain makes the air smell soooo good.

• Morning is the best time to sleep, but then it’s time to get up.

• The trees are so full of leaves that we can’t see the front part of Pipi’s Pasture from the house.

• Pickups and semi-trucks, hauling loads of hay bales, pass by Pipi’s Pasture each day.

• Clouds come up most every afternoon, and once in a while, there’s even some thunder, but the rain is very isolated.

• One barn cat has found a novel way to keep cool — sleep on top of the garden hose while it is running.

• There’s brisk activity around the hummingbird feeder.

• The robins enjoy the freshly watered soil where they can find worms more easily.

• We humans are craving cool foods at mealtime.

Now that it’s summer and hot, some residents already are yearning for fall. Enjoy the summer!

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