From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s one hot July! |

From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s one hot July!

Diane Prather/For Craig Press

So much for the models that predicted a cool, wet summer for us here in western Colorado — at least I think it’s hot this July. Ranchers are probably relieved that it’s been a good haying season, and after the cool spring, it’s nice to have a “normal” summer, but it is indeed hot.

One of the funniest sights I’ve seen came from the national news a few nights ago. Someone had snapped a picture of a moose lying in the spray put off from a lawn sprinkler. That’s one way to stay cool!

Since my thoughts are on the heat — forgive me — I couldn’t resist writing a column about it.

You know it’s hot when…

• There’s a cat sleeping in the shade under every bush or tree.

• Pumpkin and squash leaves conserve water so by afternoon their leaves look wilted, as if the plants are dying, but by morning the plants appear to be rehydrated.

• Frozen meat left out on the counter to thaw (yes, I know it isn’t the safest way to thaw meat) defrosts in a hurry.

• Cats drink two gallons or more of water from their water pans per day, and the cows’ stock tank has to be topped off every night.

• You have to show up at work early because parking places in the shade are in high demand, and things aren’t much better at home.

• You have to wear gloves to maneuver the steering wheel after the car has been out in the sun.

• Candy, gum, lipstick, and lots of other stuff melts if left in a sunny car.   

• Cats sleep on top of the hose that’s running because it’s cool.

• The patio is hot in the afternoon after the sun shines on the metal roof all day.

• Potted patio flowers have to be watered each day; even inside flowers have to be watered more often.

• Weeds still grow, despite the heat, though they sometimes look a little wilted after days with the temperatures in the 90s.

• Everybody hurries to get as much done as possible in the mornings when the temperatures are cooler.

• Air conditioning is a necessity — in tractors, cars, and inside houses.

• It’s a real challenge to find a way to get lawns, garden, and trees the weekly amount of water needed.  

• There are hard-to-keep-watered spots in the lawn, likely because tree roots are taking up the water.

• A windy day in the nineties– like today—seems almost unbearable.

• Early-morning temperatures are delightful.

• In order to find cows on summer pasture, we have to check it early; otherwise they are shaded up.  

Enjoy the hot July weather because it won’t be long until we’ll be shoveling those snow drifts!