From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s hot… |

From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s hot…

Pipi's Pasture

If memory serves, we haven’t experienced such a hot summer here at Pipi’s Pasture in some time — at least so far.

It’s so hot that…

• the cattle on summer pasture stay hidden in the shady bushes all day

• the pond water in the pasture is going fast

• you have to wear gloves to handle the steering wheel after the car has been in the sun for a while

• leaving for work early is a must in order to find a parking place in the shade

• during the day, cats are sprawled out in the shade all over the yard, even on the running garden hose, to take advantage of the cool feel provided by the water

• the newly-planted tomatoes and pepper plants look as if the water has been siphoned out of them after a hot, windy afternoon

• Ucky and her baby look forward to going into a shed at night, out of the sun, where they get grain, hay, water and shade.

• 80 degrees seems cool

• the trees are sopping up water at a record rate

• some kind of watering goes in our yard each day

• even a passing cloud provides welcome relief

• the water in the stock tank is almost inviting, if you can ignore all of the elm seeds and sprouts floating in it

• the robins take advantage of the cool mornings to search for earthworms in the watered garden

• fans run all night long

• we worry about the possibility of hail when the sky turns dark

• the ranchers aren’t having problems getting the hay dry (so far)

• the increased possibility of wildfires is scary

• weeding the garden is best done in the early morning

• we all go through plenty of bottled water and iced tea

• 4-H members wet down their show steers to promote hair growth, in preparation for the upcoming County Fair.

• it isn’t a very good idea to leave tools out in the sun — not if you want to use them right away, that is.

And, it’s so hot that sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on writing a column.

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