From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s hot when … |

From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s hot when …

Diane Prather/For Craig Press

Everybody who lives in the area is talking about it. No matter where I go —the grocery store, the feed store, work or anyplace, in general — talk with people who live around here begins with the hot stretch of weather we've been experiencing and, of course, how dry it is.

This time of the year, a person usually hears conversations that go something like this: "Boy, the summer is really going by! Pretty soon, we'll be back to the cold and snow,"

This year, it's more like this: "This has been one long, hot summer. I'm looking forward to winter."

So, my thoughts have been on the heat. You know it's hot when …

• people leave early for work so they can find parking places in the shade.

• the leaves on the lilacs curl up, and the leaves on the squash go limp — nature's way for the plants to conserve water.

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• more wild animals than usual (deer and skunks are always around) are coming to the corral for water and to the patio for cat water and food.

• the wind brings in ashes from surrounding areas and deposits it on our porches.

• the lawns don't stay green, no matter how much they are watered.

• you buy a chocolate candy bar and put it in the car, and it has melted by the time you arrive at home.

• the steering wheel of your car is so hot you have to wear gloves to drive.

• everybody craves cold foods; nobody wants to cook, either

• air conditioner repair people are super busy.

• potted patio plants are doubled over in the afternoon if they weren't watered in the morning.

• pansies, which like cool weather, are limp to the touch.

• the supply of lemonade and iced tea disappears in a hurry.

• grasses mature faster than usual.

• grasshoppers start to show up.

• you have to be reminded what raindrops on a roof sound like.

• you enjoy smelling air that is damp, even though no rain is falling.

• there are more rattlesnakes around than usual.

• the robins and other birds twitter as they hop around on ground you have just watered, enjoying the moisture and hoping to find worms.

• you don't have to blow dry your hair; just let the air do it for you.

• rugs and other heavy items dry outdoors in a hurry.

• the dog prefers to stay inside during the day, and outdoors, there is a cat under each tree.

• people are longing for winter.

• the only way you can sleep is to have a fan blowing directly on you.

• you can't think straight anymore — not even to think of ideas for a column!