From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s December when … |

From Pipi’s Pasture: It’s December when …

Diane Prather/For Craig Press

Even if we didn’t have a calendar, we could guess that December is just a day away, because of the happenings around us.

You know it’s December when …

• the air has a “bite” to it.

• the moon is a sight to behold on a clear night.

• the car door freezes shut.

• you have to let the car warm up before leaving for work.

• you have to use the brush to clean off the car windows in the morning.

• the first snows leave the roads extra slick.

• the cats don’t come to the front porch for breakfast at 7 a.m.

• in the morning, you find a pile of cats snuggled up on a pile of used grain sacks in the carport.

• the cats start eating breakfast in the carport instead of the front porch.

• the dog isn’t crazy about going outside in the morning.

• the cows have frost on them — especially noticeable on the black cows — and, sometimes, icicles, too.

• it’s dark by 5 p.m.

• the garden hose, used to fill stock tanks, sometimes has to be brought indoors at night.

• the snow shovel now stands waiting by the front porch.

• the cats make good use of the haystacks.

• where water can’t be heated at the corral, piles of chopped ice are growing.

• the leaves that didn’t get raked in the fall are now covered with snow; the same goes for uncleaned flower pots.

• it’s now light enough to let the dog out before 7 a.m.

• there are icy patches on pathways.

• holiday decorations light up the neighborhood.

• the UPS truck travels up and down the county road more frequently than usual.

• the grocery store ads include specials on turkey and ham.

• it’s sometimes hard to find a parking place around stores in town.

• the mail is sometimes late, and at the post office, workers are busy putting parcels in boxes.

• wreaths have been hung on neighborhood doors.

• the late afternoons are often sunny, and even though it’s cold, they’re a reminder of warmer months to come.

• we’re buying new day planners and calendars.

Happy December!


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