From Pipi’s Pasture: Days that are a little less than great |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Days that are a little less than great

Pipi's Pasture

Sometimes things happen here at Pipi’s Pasture that make the days a little hectic. I’m not fond of negatives so I’d prefer to refer to those days as “a little less than great.” To illustrate, I offer the following examples, some of which actually happened this past week.

As you know, it rained and rained, and our corral turned into a sloppy mess, resembling an early-spring corral. Water stood in the cows’ hoof prints. Imagine how tricky it was to do chores. So one afternoon found me trying to get to the pen where I feed Ucky her grain twice a day. I was carrying a trash bag filled with hay and grain (so I could fool the other cows into not following me). But Ucky was standing in the middle of the only packed-down path.

So, I took a detour. As I tried to walk around the water-filled hoof prints, I fell right in the slop, for lack of a better word. Getting up was the problem because there was no traction! It certainly was a less-than-great afternoon.

Then late one afternoon the bulls nearly destroyed the stock tank at the corral. I didn’t see what happened, but I heard the commotion. So did the cows, and they hunted up their calves and ran to hide. Two or all three of the bulls apparently got into a fight and one of them got pushed into the tank, leaving it bashed in on one side. Now there’s room for only about a third of the usual amount of water, and the tank will have to be replaced.

And when it comes to tanks… I got a surprise when I went out to fill the stock tank by our front yard. The night before I had pulled the hose out of the tank but forgot to turn off the water. It ran on the lawn all night!

This time of the year the cows are ready to go to summer pasture. They’re hungry for green grass, and most of them have been going to pasture for years. If they hear anything that remotely sounds like a stock trailer, they all come running. Besides that, they’re putting pressure on the fences as they hunt out every green blade of grass. It’s worrisome and makes for some less than great days.

But there are plenty of positives, too, and here’s a partial list.

• We got lots of moisture with the rain which will help provide plenty of grass and delay a fire season.

• The sun came out and the wind has been helping the corral dry out.

• The last first-calf heifer had her calf all by herself!

• Except for one cow that calves in the summer, calving season is over and there is no more nightly corral checking.

• It’s less than a month until we turn the cows out.

• The blossoms on the crabapple tree haven’t frosted, despite the recent frosts.

• The hummingbirds are back, and we enjoy the robins’ early morning concerts.

• The portion of the lawn where the water ran all night doesn’t need to be watered right away.

And there’s so much more!

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