From Pipi’s Pasture: Cleaning out a pickup truck after county fair

Diane Prather
Diane Prather

The Moffat County Fair is about to begin, so that’s the topic of this week’s From Pipi’s Pasture.

It takes a lot of stuff to exhibit livestock at a county fair. A couple of years ago, my granddaughter Megan and I came up with a list of items that might be found in a show box. This year I was wondering just what a person might find in a pickup truck an exhibitor or show family used during the fair.

So, I called Megan. She and a friend, Jenna Gould, were sitting at the table, working on record books. Megan’s Mom and Dad, Brandi and Jamie, were there, too. So all of us thought of items that might be found in a pickup truck. Here’s what we came up with:

■ Show sticks or pig (show) whips

■ Bales of hay and straw

■ pinewood shavings and other bedding

■ Sacks of grain

■ Buckets

■ Feed pans

■ Clothes on hangers

■ Belt buckles

■ Empty pop cans

■ Unopened pop cans

■ Water bottles, not yet opened

■ Water bottles, partially full

■ Dirty clothes

■ Wet boots (from the wash rack)

■ Cans of shaving cream (hidden behind the seat—to be used in a shaving cream fight later)

■ Squirt gun

■ Sacks and wrappers left from fast food

■ fair book

■ Pieces of poster board (left from sign-making)

■ Markers, scissors, glue, and tape

■ Assorted halters

■ Starbucks cups, with lids, and a little coffee in them

■ Pet carriers or cages that were used to move rabbits or chickens

■ Parking permits

■ Health papers

■ Firewood (Megan’s fair campers use it for bonfires at night.)

■ Towels

■ Pillow and blanket for naps

■ Bag with shower stuff

■ Snacks

■ Cowboy hat

■ Lawn chairs

■ Record book

■ A missed shoe

There’s enough stuff in the pickup truck to keep exhibitors running back and forth between it and the fair barn multiple times during the day. And then … there’s cleaning out the pickup truck after the county fair.

Visit the 97th Moffat County Fair to be held this next week at the fairgrounds in Craig. Best wishes to all of the exhibitors.

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