From Pipi’s Pasture: Christmas wish lists — just for fun |

From Pipi’s Pasture: Christmas wish lists — just for fun

Diane Prather

Sometimes I think of some pretty goofy things. For example, just after the last snowstorm I saw four magpies fly into the crab apple tree outside the window. (Remember when I had seen two magpies last week?) Anyway, the tree was covered with new snow — a lot of it — and as the magpies flew from branch to branch, the snow fell to the ground. I wondered what they were doing there; were they looking for dried crab apples? And then I wondered what they would put on a Christmas wish list (if they knew what that was). Would it be crab apples or grain or bird food?

And then I remembered an amusing true-story incident our son Jamie told us about a week ago. The story involves sheep that our grandchildren, Kenny and Megan own. Jamie was in charge of the chores while everyone else was gone. He had to let one ewe — I think her name is Crash — out of an enclosure and then put her back inside in the evening. But he said he couldn’t get her back inside unless he bribed her with powdered donuts. I’m not sure how this all got started, but I think it has our granddaughter Megan written all over it. Jamie said the ewe even licked the powdered sugar off his fingers.

So, it’s pretty easy to figure out what Crash would put on her Christmas wish list. Then I had fun thinking about other things farm animals, including cats and dogs, might put on Christmas wish lists. Consider the following:

• a bale of bright green alfalfa hay

• a big Christmas stocking filled with grain

• a toy that moves or has parts that invite chasing

• a bright, sunny day that’s just right for napping

• scraps (like a turkey skeleton) left from Christmas Day dinner

• a nice warm bed of clean rags or rugs that’s out of the weather

• warm water on a cold morning

• being brushed or combed; better than that, being scratched on an itchy place

• a feeder full of bird food

• a shed, barn, or other enclosure to go when there’s a blizzard

• dried berries left on trees after harvest season

• tall grass or grain left from summer

• a tub of mineral and protein that tastes like candy

• plenty of chicken scratch or, even better, scraps, such as potato peelings and greens, from the kitchen

• some grain that has spilled out of a sack or grain pan

• suet tied up in a tree

• a nice place to sleep inside by the fireplace

• spring pasture with lots of green grass

• a shiny red apple

• living in a place where there are kind, caring people

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

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