From Pipi’s Pasture: An always-to-be-remembered reunion |

From Pipi’s Pasture: An always-to-be-remembered reunion

Diane Prather
Diane Prather

The Country School Reunion that I’ve been writing so much about so much lately was held Saturday, June 13. It was fun to meet up with people we hadn’t seen in years and, in some cases, years and years. We learned about Moffat County country schools that we’d never heard of before. In short, the reunion was a huge success, and my sister Charlotte (Osborn) Allum and her husband, John, were here to enjoy it with me.

Special thanks go to Wesley and Beverly Counts, John and Mary Lou Allen and lots of other people who volunteered to help with the reunion.

Though a count hasn’t been taken yet, Beverly Counts said that she thought about 150 people were there. The count will be taken from sign-in sheets that everyone filled in during registration. The attendees filled in name tags, too, which turned out to be a big help, indeed, because in lots of cases we didn’t recognize people we knew years ago.

Everyone enjoyed studying two large boards on display — one with old pictures of the schools and students and the other a map of Moffat County with locations of various schools marked on it. Beverly Counts said that over 102 schools were represented. Old photos also appeared on a digital board throughout the event.

Volunteers interviewed former country school students and wrote down their stories. One volunteer made a list of email addresses so that attendees could obtain photos.

After a lunch of hamburgers, salads and desserts, the reunion was called to order by the ringing of a special school bell that was made especially for the occasion by John Allen. Mary Lou Allen presided over a short program of recognitions, including the oldest and youngest country school students in attendance.

Bob Nicodemus was the oldest country school student in attendance at 96 years of age. He attended the Cedar Ridge School, near Juniper, with Everette Bohrer, who is 91. Their teacher was Mr. Sweeney. Naomi (Osborn) Durham, 93 years of age, was also in attendance. She went to the Morapos School.

Kathy (Rinker) Caldwell was recognized as the youngest country school student.

At the end of the program, pictures were taken of the country school students, and in some cases teachers, as the name of each Moffat County country school was called.

I was delighted to visit with my second grade teacher, Patty Nicodemus, who taught at the Morapos School. There were just two of us in the school then — Alice Schneider, who was in the fourth grade, and myself. In a recent column, I wrote about staying overnight in the teacherage with Patty.

It was an always-to-be-remembered country school reunion.

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