Frank Moe: Vote for Bob Rankin |

Frank Moe: Vote for Bob Rankin

To the editor:

A vote for Bob Rankin for State House District 57 is a vote for coal!

Bob Rankin is a fiscal and constitutional conservative. He is an engineer and businessman who has spend his career creating jobs and meeting payrolls.

Bob Rankin will support small businesses, teachers, public schools and most importantly, students.

Bob Rankin feels if we do not have a strong economy, we are limiting EVERYONE’S ability to succeed.

In all the debate between Bob Rankin and his local democratic opponent, Jo Ann Baxter, I have not heard Jo Ann express her intention to support coal, or of her desire to fight against President Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s desire and plan of bankrupting the coal industry. Nor have I heard her express her intention to fight against our own state’s anti coal coalition.

The job of House District 57 encompasses many facets, with education being an integral part. However, without a strong economy and without strong funding from the private sector, education will continue to suffer as it has over the last 4 years.

We need a representative from Northwest Colorado that supports our nation’s local resources, especially coal, oil and gas. Without them, we will not have as much of an economy here in Moffat County to fund anything at all. It is simple economics!

Please join me in voting for Bob Rankin.


Frank Moe


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