Frank Moe steps into new Moffat County commissioner role |

Frank Moe steps into new Moffat County commissioner role

Janelle O'Dea
The new Moffat County Board of Commissioners, from left to right: Chuck Grobe, District 2, Frank Moe, District 3 and John Kinkaid, District 1.
Janelle O’Dea

Action items:

Approved a May exemption and zoning change for the Planning and Zoning Department, 3-0

Request for senior snow removal, 3-0

— After being formally sworn in by the Honorable Sandra Gardner, Frank Moe tackled his first meeting.

Moe is the new commissioner for District 3. He takes Tom Mathers’ seat as commissioner and fellow commissioner John Kinkaid is now chairman.

During general discussion:

Commissioner Chuck Grobe rose the question of how much the county charges for ice time at the Loudy-Simpson Park Ice Arena. Grobe said he’d been approached with a request for a lower rate for the yearly hockey tournament and wanted to see how the other commissioners felt about keeping the same price that they paid last year.

No decision was officially made and commissioners tabled the issue for the time being.

Moe expressed his gratitude for the ability to serve Moffat County.

“I wanted to affirm that I’m going to work hard for the people of Moffat County with dignity and respect and that I’m going to work hard with some of our elected state officials,” Moe said.

Kinkaid shared a news story he found online about each American county’s recovery from the great recession.

“It helps illustrate the point that this so-called recovery is kind of so-called,” Kinkaid said, showing a printout of the heat map accompanying the article. “It’s not (evenly spread), look at the Midwest and even the East.”

Kinkaid dove into the meeting’s agenda and presented a letter to Gov. John Hickenlooper drafted by the Independence Institute and asked if as a commission they wanted to sign on to the letter.

The letter reinforces concerns about the Environmental Protection Agency’s contested Clean Power Plan and the affects it will have on Northwest Colorado’s economy.

Before Kinkaid began reading the letter, Grobe excused himself from the discussion and any decisions made on signing the letter. Grobe holds a position on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment ‘s Air Quality Control Commission.

The Air Quality Control Commission “develops air pollution control policy, regulates pollution sources and conducts hearings involving violations of the state’s air pollution laws,” according to the public health department’s webpage. Grobe excuses himself from discussions such as these to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Kinkaid and Moe voted 2-0 to sign the letter as a commission with a note of abstention for Grobe.

The chairman has specific requests for Hickenlooper; to direct the attorney general to join Wyoming and the 11 other states in suing the EPA over the carbon dioxide regulations, to ask for an environmental assessment impact study on carbon dioxide emissions for the state of Colorado and commission an electric grid reliability study to see what impact it would have on state’s electric grid.

“We must halt the EPA’s economic death march and this effort is an effort to help accomplish that goal,” Kinkaid said.

Roy Tipton of the Office of Development Services brought a settlement for the Swinging Bridge from T. Wright Dickinson’s insurance company, Liberty Mutual.

The company will pay Moffat County $68,306.49 for repair work needed on the Swinging Bridge that was a result of an accident with Dickinson’s tractor.

Tipton anticipates they won’t actually begin work on the bridge until 2016, and he hopes to do more than just repair the damage done by the accident.

“We told the insurance company it is our intent to pool other funds with the county and go after a grant to do comprehensive repair to that structure,” Tipton said. “Ultimately I think we’ll end up with a better situation than what we had prior to the accident.”

Work likely will not begin until 2016, after the county finishes planning the comprehensive repair, finds funds and hires contractors.

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