Frank Moe: Become an informed voter


Frank Moe: Become an informed voter

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Craig Daily Press for the opportunity to briefly discuss my candidacy for Moffat County Commissioner District 3 as it relates to the recently published letter to the editor titled, “Wake up candidates.” Four years ago, I came within 49 votes of becoming a Moffat County Commissioner in District 3. During my campaign for the commissioner’s seat, I walked the 55 miles of city streets, going door to door, as well as drove throughout this county, in order to reach out and listen and discuss the issues most important to local residents. I literally talked to thousands of you!

Last week, I already started my touring of Moffat County, going door to door, to once again discuss local issues with the citizens. For the past four years, I have stayed involved as a private citizen and acted upon the concerns that I have heard repeatedly. I also have helped bring prominent national and state political figures here to our area to listen to our concerns, and I have testified in public regarding these local concerns. As far as local issues that were mentioned in the letter regarding local economy and jobs, roads, schools, taxes, tourism, health care, economic development, transportation, etc., I have been engaged and involved and have advocated for Moffat County concerning these local issues. I am a local issues-oriented candidate.

Because of the limited space allowed in letters to the editor, this is not a practical forum to discuss in depth the local issues of Moffat County.
I ask the voters of Moffat County to access the internet and simply google “Frank Moe Craig Moffat County Colorado,” and also visit my website, You will clearly see I am active, I am involved and I am engaged with the issues affecting us locally. Even though it is the job of a candidate for office to get their message out, it is more importantly the responsibility of all of us as voters to become informed. Yes, it takes a lot of work and personal research and some time investment to become informed, but that is each voter’s duty.

Please call, text, email or tweet me and, even better, meet me in person to discuss local Moffat County issues.
It is going to take cooperation, team-building, consensus, a positive can-do attitude and even some compromise to reach Moffat County’s full potential.
I think that the Board of Moffat County Commissioners also can continually improve and build its strengths through teamwork and open dialogue. I hope to be part of that team, and with my experience as a business owner, manager and developer in this county for more than 27 years, I know I can help make a positive impact in the success of our future.
Contact me at 970-756-7109 (cell), 970-824-9626 (home phone), and

Frank Moe


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