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Frank Moe: 2 sides to every story

My letter to the editor is in reference to the Craig Press article in the Wednesday, March 28, 2018, titled, “Deadlock: Moe recusal results in tie vote, no action taken on vacant position.”

• Point 1— I would like to make everyone aware that I WAS NOT contacted by the Craig Press reporter for any questions, comments, input or follow-up as to why I recused myself prior to the story being published. I was never asked for my side of the story.

• Point 2 — I was given legal advice by the county attorney to recuse myself regarding this vote about the staffing level in the clerk’s office.

• Point 3 — I have always followed the law to the best of my ability and feel it is imperative that all elected officials always do the same so as not to violate the trust of the voters.

Wednesday afternoon, after the article came out in the newspaper, I reached out by phone and email to the story’s reporter, requesting to meet with her. We finally met this morning, and I gave her the reason for my recusal, since no one from her paper ever asked about it.

While meeting with her, she informed me that the Craig Press Editorial Board was already preparing an editorial for the Friday March 30 newspaper concerning my recusal on the above matter, again, without the benefit of even hearing my side of the story or talking to me.

I spoke with the editor today after meeting with the story’s reporter to try and give him all of the details involved regarding my position in this matter (as he was already working up the editorial story to meet press deadline).

Not knowing how in-depth the newspaper article in this Friday’s paper editorial section will come out and knowing that the staff are all on a deadline to produce a story, I wanted to let the readers of the paper’s online version, as well as the print version, know that there are ALWAYS TWO SIDES to every story! In this particular case, there may be even more than two sides to the story.

I will give out the full and complete details regarding this matter through Facebook and other sources, so the people of this county know ALL the facts.

I will also make a public response to any and all stories from the Craig Press as they are being printed or electronically published.

I appreciate the confidence the voters of this community have placed in me, and assure you I have not let you down!

I will gladly take any phone calls on this subject or any other on my personal cellphone of 970-756-7109, or emails to my county email at


Frank Moe

Moffat County Commissioner, District 3

Editor’s note: Craig Press Editor Jim Patterson and Reporter Eleanor Hasenbeck did speak with Commissioner Frank Moe in advance of writing the editorial for the Friday, March 30, edition of the newspaper, and the resulting editorial reflects that conversation. An article reflecting Moe’s side of the story appears online and on page 2 of the Friday, March 30 edition of the Craig Press.

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