Frank Hadley: I’m cancer free! |

Frank Hadley: I’m cancer free!

To the editor:

This letter is to give the deepest sincere thanks to the wonderful family, friends and former students and athletes who helped me through 14 years of traveling back and forth weekly to chemotherapy at the V.A. Hospital in Denver, and a bone marrow transplant that took three months at the Veterans Bone Marrow Specialty Hospital in Seattle, Washington. My wonderful, loving wife of 49 years was by my side every second.

I met my wife in 1965, having just returned from a year’s duty on a Coast Guard Swift Boat where I was unknowingly sprayed with a chemical named Agent Orange, which caused Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (cancer). She and I fought the cancer for 14 years with chemotherapy at the V.A.

Hospital in Denver and three months in Seattle. Velda is the best and most wonderful thing that ever happened to me along with being the most wonderful mother and grandmother ever; just ask Shauna, Shane, Shaun, Shylar, Shandon, Kayanna, Micki, Bishop and Dante.

I also want to take a minute to deeply thank Leonard and Cheryl Browning for all the hugs, waves and “how are you?” along with their prayers. I think deeply that God kept me here because he has things he needs help with.

Lastly, for those of you in the community in remission or actively fighting cancer, never, ever give up. There is always hope, I know; I thought about giving up more than once, especially on those long, snowy and dark trips to Denver, but my miracle came with my cancer changing from non-Hodgkins to large cell lymphoma, which allowed for treatment with the bone marrow transplant. I am now cancer free.

Frank Hadley