Francisco Reina: I will not stop teaching my game |

Francisco Reina: I will not stop teaching my game

To the editor:

After reading Mr. Gomez's letter to the editor, it looks to me like he has something to show or to prove.

But I've been in Craig for 40 years and in all that time I've helped teach Mexicans and non-Mexicans, some that coach and referee today. Some play and teach my way and my game of soccer.

If you don't learn true soccer, you can't be a fan, can't understand the game and can't prepare for competition. And my list goes on and on.

I've been involved with soccer in Craig since 1976, and I have coached and trained for all this time. The majority of that time I've taught in Craig.

Some of my alumni have moved out of Craig, but they still play my game and teach my way, with family members and friends this time.

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I will never stop teaching my way and I will not stop teaching soccer, my game.

I have nothing against the MCHS coaches or teachers, I am proud of all. There was just some miscommunication between the athletic director and me.

Francisco Reina