Frances Chisholm: ‘How can you fire a volunteer?’ |

Frances Chisholm: ‘How can you fire a volunteer?’

To the editor:

I was a “Pink Lady” volunteer and got fired by the Hospital.

I know I was set up. Several creditable people told me: some volunteers, some of the Hospital personnel, some still are there, some that Jennifer or George let go, “I suspect unfairly.”

They told me I broke a Hippa Law. That was wrong.

I talked to a friend of mine in the front part of the hospital a while back. I only asked him if he was there to see someone I knew.

He told me he was there to pick up his daughter. I replied “Oh, I didn’t know she was here.”

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I didn’t realize I had done anything wrong. Just being caring.

I was then called at home by Jennifer Riley and she asked me to come up to the hospital and talk to her. She wouldn’t let me know why.

When I got there she called me into her office not letting me know a lot except I broke a Hippa Law, which I didn’t understand. I never signed a Hippa Law.

She said I was in room 102 and talked to a patient’s relative. The fact is I wasn’t in anyone room.

However, I think that I was fired due to their prejudice against Dr. Miller and the fact that he is my Doctor.

Jennifer had asked me a few days earlier who signed my health report for the drivers license since I’d been sick. I didn’t tell her, which she said is very discriminatory, I guess.

I just smiled.

Also it was after I wrote a letter to the Daily Press praising Dr. Miller. He got my blood pressure down after three weeks so i do trust him.

I was in the hospital three times last spring and you can look at my records. They couldn’t get it below 200 at the hospital.

I spoke to some people and they tell me of things going on with the administrators. I echo Neil McCandless’s letter he wrote.

Once again so many friends, enemies and foes ask me, “How come you got fired?”

Frances Chisholm