Four new school board members take oath |

Four new school board members take oath

Lee Harstad

New members of the Moffat County School District Board of Education represented their districts for the first time Tuesday.

As Steve Hafey, Jerry Magas, John Kinkaid and Phil Hastings became oriented with board procedure and were sworn in as representatives, the meeting proceeded with an election of officers and other board business.

By a unanimous vote, District 4 representative Gary Ellgen was elected president. Feeling confident of new and incumbent board members, Ellgen is ready for his upcoming term.

“We will keep going like we have been,” Ellgen said. “I feel secure with the new members and look forward to working with them.”

In other elections, unanimous voices were carried in favor of Chuck Malley, District 6, as board vice president and John Wellman, District 2, as secretary. School district Finance Director Mike Brinks will continue as board treasurer.

In committee assignments, John Wellman will serve on the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) Legislative and Early Childhood committees, Chuck Malley will serve on the Activity Council, Phil Hastings will represent the School Improvement Committee (SIC), Steve Hafey will be on the Personnel Performance Evaluation Council, John Kinkaid will be a part of the Problem Solving Committee, and Gary Ellgen will continue to serve on the Transportation Committee.

Moffat County Curriculum Director Janet Bohart, on behalf of the SIC, outlined goals for the upcoming year. These three goals may be approved or realigned by the board in future meetings. They include continuing to study class sizes at all grade levels to determine best performance, and examining the current kindergarten through sixth-grade structure to review if it is at best capacity to serve educational needs and to ensure safety issues are up to par by checking if some areas need to be upgraded such as playground equipment and student behavior.

A music curriculum was also adopted as music representatives from each school explained the reasoning. Introduced by Bohart, fine arts, such as art, music, drama and industrial arts, were agreed to be a necessary part of the educational process.

“We feel music supports and extends academic success,” Bohart said.

Maybell became one step closer to having an activity van for use by students. Moffat County Transportation Director Jim Baptist set up a committee comprised of parents with a chairman to oversee activities.

The van will cost Maybell 31 cents per mile plus gas, and after certain mileage, according to Baptist, the van literally should not cost the district anything.