Forrest Luke: Vote for Rankin, Romney |

Forrest Luke: Vote for Rankin, Romney

To the editor:

Over the past few years I have come to know Bob Rankin as both a friend and a political activist.

I find him to be very bright and engaging and I am convinced he would represent the interests of Northwest Colorado very well in the Colorado state legislature.

Bob is a fiscal and constitutional conservative and a strong supporter of our coal and electrical generation jobs. He is an engineer and business man and has spent time at our coal mines and power station.

He has a history of creating jobs and meeting payrolls. He talks about increasing state revenues through private sector job growth to pay for the services that our citizens need.

Rankin is steadfast in his support of teachers and public schools, and he wants to go further to help improve public education. But while he is supporting our schools, he will also be a very strong advocate for the energy industry and our jobs.

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I support Governor Romney who has said "I like coal," and I also support Bob Rankin.

There are signs in yards all over Craig that say "Vote for Coal". A vote for Bob Rankin IS a vote for Coal. A vote for Mitt Romney IS a vote for Coal.

Forrest Luke