Forecasters predict white Christmas in Northwest Colorado |

Forecasters predict white Christmas in Northwest Colorado

Tyler Baskfield

The odds are good it will be a white Christmas this year. People who are spending Christmas in their homes cozied up in front of their fires, won’t need to worry about the nightmare before Christmas holiday travelers will.

According to Doug Bough, weather technician for the National Weather Service in Grand Junction, a large winter storm is heading for Northwest Colorado. The storm is expected to hit Sunday afternoon after it swoops down from Idaho into northern Utah.

“All of the region is going to get a good shot of snow, with it coming full-blast Christmas day,” Bough said. “It looks like a major storm.”

Bough couldn’t say exactly how many inches of white flakes the storm will drop, but said it would be enough to give travelers some trouble.

“The main problem could be for travelers,” Bough said. “The storm will probably leave a good heavy snow.”

Unlike the past few storms that have hit Northwest Colorado, strong winds will not accompany the Christmas storm, Bough said.

Temperatures are expected to remain in the teens during the storm.

If the storm materializes, it will be the first white Christmas Moffat County has seen in three years, according to weather statistics kept by Trapper Mine.

People who are concerned about Santa making it through the storm need not worry. Bough said Santa has already received words of caution.

“Santa has been advised of the winter storm,” Bough said. “We have sent him a winter storm flying advisory, so he will be able to prepare