Football league attracts large numbers |

Football league attracts large numbers

Bruce Tippets

More than 75 fifth- and sixth-grade football players participated this year in the Doak Walker Youth Football League in Craig.

According to Parks and Recreation Department Director Dave Pike, the season was a success.

“The league went pretty well,” said Pike. “We had eight teams and one was from Hayden. This was the first year that they were here. They brought a real competitive team up. They had quite a few players on their team.

“Next year we are hoping they will bring two teams up. That way the teams will be a little more balanced. We enjoyed having them in the league.”

The program was larger this year than any other year.

“We had about 80 kids this year in the program,” said Pike. “We had more kids than we did last year. We increased by about 10 kids. We were excited to get Doak Walker Foundation to endorse our program.”

The final standings saw the 49ers finish in first place with a 7-0 record. Hayden was next at 5-2. The Packers, Steelers, Broncos and Dolphins all ended up with a 3-4 record. The Cardinals and the Raiders finished with a 2-5 record to round out the standings.

“Anytime you divide up the teams there is going to be one team that is better than the other,” said Pike. “There is just nothing you can do about that. Every team won at least one or two games this year. Last year we had one team that didn’t win any games and so this year we did a little bit better. I think that it was pretty well balanced.”

The Parks and Recreation Department will turn its focus to basketball.

“We had 250 kids that signed up for basketball,” said Pam Brethauer. “We will start practice on (Monday) and then they will start playing games on Nov. 22. Girls play on Monday and Wednesday nights. The boys play on Tuesday and Thursday. The third- and fourth-graders play together and the fifth- and sixth-graders play together.”

Brethauer said the league is formed for kids to have a good time and improve their skills.

“We just want the kids to have some fun and we encourage equal play,” said Brethauer. “We are set up on a rotation schedule and the coaches have to mark it before the game so everybody gets equal playing time.”