Following the family path: Alyssa Louthan plans for military service following graduation

Alyssa Louthan sits outside of Moffat County High School on a bench prior to graduation. Louthan will join the Army after graduation.

Moffat County High School senior Alyssa Louthan’s path after graduation may have already been pre-determined for her.

Louthan, who will join the United States Army following graduation from MCHS, joins a long line of family members in serving her country.

Growing up in a military family – her grandfather served in the Army in Vietnam, her father served in the Navy, her brother is a U.S. Marine and her sister is in the Army – Louthan was around the military lifestyle while growing up.

Though her branch of choice may have changed a time or two over the years, she has a full plan laid out through the Army. Just a few short weeks after graduation, Louthan will enter Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina on June 14.

“I can’t quite pinpoint what exactly led me to join the military,” Louthan said. “It’s something I’ve just always been around. Having the history my family does in the military, I’ve just been around it all my life and made my decision easy.”

Louthan, who’s sister Bailey joined the Army last summer after graduating from MCHS, was considering the United States Navy, but found a better opportunity to achieve her hopes and dreams with the Army.

“With the Army, they have a better military police program, which I hope to become involved in down the line, and they’re better than any other branch and they put in more work,” she said.

Entering the Army, Louthan will pursue a culinary specialist’s role before aiming to move into the MP program. Army Culinary Specialist (MOS 92G) are the masters in the kitchen, according to the Army’s official job description.

They complete tasks related to food preparation, storage, cooking, baking and ordering. Not only do they cook for soldiers in garrison, they provide double duty in the field as a soldier and cook.

“I have always liked cooking, so it made sense for me as a start,” Louthan said.

Having her sister, who completed basic training a year ago, to lean on ahead of her enlistment has been a big help for Louthan, who said she knows what to prepare for and how to handle things she’ll face just from talking with her sister.

“She’s able to give me tips,” Louthan said. “It’s helpful to know what she went through so that I can prepare myself more than most people. She’s helped give me a leg up, in a sense.”

Following a similar path many in her family have traversed is a challenge Louthan said she’s prepared for. Though she said she’s planning on making the military a career, a lot will depend on how much she likes it, and how much she wants to pursue her goals outside of the military.

“I love animals, so once I’m done I’m going to get a job as a Department of Wildlife officer somewhere; that’s the goal,” Loutha added. “Animals have always been something big for me. Helping animals has been something I’ve always wanted to do.”

She’ll pursue that ultimate goal by helping her fellow soldiers and serving her country, just like many in her family have done over the years.

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