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Flora Gilmer: We love Cornerstone

To the editor:

My husband and I uprooted our lives and moved to Craig in 2013 for a job opportunity. We were greeted by a very friendly and kind community willing to open its arms to newcomers. We loved the many “mom and pop” restaurants and stores that provided a personable experience for the customer.

Sari Cobb was the very first person I met in Craig. She and her husband, Chuck, and Cornerstone Realty exemplify the loving attitude your community represents! She found us a rental home, found us our dream home to purchase and when the job opportunity did not work out, helped us to rapidly sell our home.

She is a true ambassador of Moffat County and became a lifelong part of my heart. I highly recommend Cornerstone Realty to anyone looking for a quality and personal experience. We love your community and our time spent there!

Thank you, Moffat County for embracing us. God has a different plan for us. Farewell, friends!

Flora Gilmer

Soda Springs, Idaho