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Flint Personnel Services in Craig hosts local economic development board

Jobeth Tupa/For Craig Press
C.J. and Nancy Skowronski, of Flint Personnel Services, explain their services to the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership Board of Directors on April 18. The mother and son team helps to match qualified temporary employees with employers in the region.
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CRAIG — For more than a generation, one business in Northwest Colorado has been providing temporary services to the business community. Flint Personnel Services has been providing local and regional companies with a temporary labor workforce for 29 years.

The Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership held its regular bi-monthly business visit/board meeting April 19 at Flint Personnel Services, 469 Yampa Ave. Nancy and C.J. Skowronski hosted the board and its guests and engaged in a conversation about the business climate and workforce needs of Moffat County.

The mother/son duo have seen significant trends and changes in the labor market. Asked what one of the major draws for an employer to reach out to a temporary staffing agency was, C.J. Skowronski said Flint Personnel takes on the liability/workers compensation insurance and associated governmental employee paperwork. This often allows employers the flexibility to retain employees full-time, as they are needed.

“Obviously, it does not cost as much to insure an employee sitting at a desk as it does to cover that of an employee on a construction site,” C.J. Skowronski said.

He added there are many organizations in the community that regularly fill their temporary staffing needs through the business, including Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Moffat County School District and Moffat County.

“There are some folks who are just not looking for full-time employment. For one reason or another, 40 hours a week just doesn’t work for them. That’s where Flint provides them the opportunity to work at their own pace and schedule,” C.J. Skowronski said.

He admitted that finding qualified workers with a clean record has affected their work.

“We have employers who need to find an employee who can pass a drug test and have a clean driving record. This has seemed to be more of a challenge in recent years, finding those employees who both want to do that line of work and who can pass all of the necessary requirements,” he said.

He noted that employers are also struggling to find people who possess basic trade and life skills.

From carpentry to electrical systems, there are fewer and fewer folks coming into the workforce with these types of skill sets. But, that is not to say there are not employers out there who are willing to train the right person, as long as they have the basic foundation necessary in all employees — a good work ethic, C.J. Skowronski said.

That’s where Flint Personnel can help.

“We can be someone’s first chance, and that means something,” C.J. Skowronski said. “Sometimes, that is all someone really needs, is just a shot at opportunity.”

Nancy Skowronski, owner of Flint Personnel, agreed.

“It changes their whole outlook on things when someone is willing to help them,” she said.

The owners of Flint Personnel Services are quick to point out that, were it not for local business owners and companies, none of this would be possible.

“We are blessed to have awesome customers who believe in what we do,”C.J. Skowronski said.

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