Fitness Tip: Train like you’re in the Army with a two-mile run |

Fitness Tip: Train like you’re in the Army with a two-mile run

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Have you ever wondered what kind of training military personnel have to endure in order to stay fit for combat? At there’s dozens of articles that outline various ways to stay tough and strong — one being the two-mile run.

It’s basically a running test that challenges your leg muscles, endurance and cardio respiratory fitness, according to a story. Here are the basic rules outlined in the story:

• The faster you run, the higher you score.

• Walking is not allowed.

• 60 points is the lowest, and 100 points is the highest.

In order to gain momentum to reach a high score, has a series of treadmill or running exercises to get you to the highest score.

“Now, no matter what goals you have set for yourself, the beginning is always hard. As a beginner you have to start with a simple exercise: run at your own pace, and in the process learn to understand your body. You can use the treadmill manual mode to test how long you can resist and at what pace. Pay attention to your pains and learn how to prevent them in time so you don’t hurt yourself. Learn how to breathe rhythmically and lift your knees. And very important, alternate test runs with rest. Any beginner needs five to six weeks to get his/her body accustomed to this sport. And during this time you don’t have to overdo it,” the story states.

To start training for your two-mile run, visit


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