Fitness Tip: Consistency creates winners |

Fitness Tip: Consistency creates winners

No fitness plan will work without consistency. Time is a very common excuse when coming up with reasons why we do not exercise. Many people can find one hour each week, and quickly discover that it has been 7 days since our last workout. One hour per week is not going to cut it. By committing 20 minutes per day, every single day, you will see much better results. Of course 60 minutes every day is better, but if that goal isn’t reachable, then it never will work for you. Colorado resident Chase Squires started at an unhealthy 205 pounds, and after consistently working out 20 minutes every single day, he is now participating in marathons. Squires says he’s not fast, but he is present!

Bridget R. Sanders, PTA

The Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy Department