Fitness Column: Making fitness a family priority |

Fitness Column: Making fitness a family priority

Travis Linsacum and Sara Linsacum, owners of LinsFitt.
Courtesy Photo / LinsFitt

I would venture to guess that more then half of the children in this community are not active on a regular basis. The older they get the more this is probably true. Inactive children grow into sedentary adults. Sedentary adults are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. No one wants this for their children. The cure starts with you!

Getting kids moving at a young age helps them develop the good habits they will need for a long, healthy, and happy life. Fitness for all ages improves your mood, your confidence and your health. Making fitness a priority for your family is one of the best gifts you can give.

I know we all have busy lives with work, activities, social obligations, and so on…but if we can set aside 20 minutes a day to go for a walk as a family that’s a great start. Go in the evening when the sun’s going down and give your kids a flashlight and call it an adventure; they’ll love it!

Plan weekend activities such as swimming, hiking, biking. For holidays and birthdays buy your children active gifts such as footballs, basketballs, a baseball glove, a bike, a trampoline…you get the picture. 

There are also fun things parents can encourage their children to get involved in such as youth sports, gymnastics, dance, or kids’ CrossFit. If you have teenagers looking for work during the summer, encourage them to find an active job. 

Think of your family’s physical activity as your health insurance or your medicine. When your doctor tells you to take a pill everyday you make that a priority. This is going to take a little longer then taking a pill but as your routines become habit it will be just the same.

You won’t be going to the doctors as much. You won’t be needing the other medications. You won’t have the injuries. I can say without a doubt that it will bring your family closer and that alone is worth the sacrifice. Moms and Dads, it has to start with you!

It’s time to get moving! Let’s put the excuses out on the table…

  1. I don’t have the time.
  2. I can’t get up that early
  3. I don’t want to get too bulky 
  4. I tried and I just can’t do it
  5. I don’t have the money
  6. I’m not in good enough shape
  7. My ________ hurts too bad to exercise
  8. I can’t find a diet that works
  9. I quit seeing gains so I gave up
  10. I don’t like to run, jump rope, lift weights, etc…

We could keep going, but I think you get the point. There are actually very few things that we cannot accomplish if we get out of our own way and instead of saying, “I can’t,” and just start doing it! It may not look like what you want it to at first, but if you are willing to get uncomfortable and never lose focus of why you started in the first place, I guarantee your life will be so much more fulfilling! 

You can turn anything in your life into a strength if you put enough passion, time, and energy into it. Start small, take your dog for a walk. Commit to cutting out the fast food. Seek out a gym and buy a membership, then commit to going a few days a week for thirty minutes or an hour. Learn a new language, pick up the guitar, find something that you enjoy and make yourself better at it.

Try, fail, learn, try again… repeat! That’s the equation for success. Accept the fact that you’re gonna fail at times! Without failure there can’t be growth.

Results? Screw the results. You’re putting too much merit into that word! Develop a work ethic that can’t be broken. Embrace the fact that this journey is going to last a long time, it’s going to be a bumpy road and at times it’s gonna suck, but believe me when I say you don’t want to see where the other path leads!  The results will become a reflection of how you live your life! Every aspect of your life will naturally improve once you embrace that! Take the lessons you learn along the way and apply them to every thing you do, watch what happens then we will talk about results!

You can’t just say it. You can’t just want it either, that’s not enough. You have to earn it. Turn your words into actions. Lead by example. When you make the shift you will begin to see the people around you start to follow suit. They will see the changes happening and they will want that for themselves.

Do it for your loved ones and for yourself! 

Travis Linsacum is the owner of Lins FITT at 551 Russell Street.

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