Fishing and hunting licenses soon to be on demand |

Fishing and hunting licenses soon to be on demand

Josh Nichols

Representatives of the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) are predicting that soon state hunters and anglers will be able to get their licenses in a quicker, more convenient fashion.

They say they hope this can be accomplished through an electronic licensing system.

“The new system allows hunters to buy a license anytime, anywhere,” said Rob Molloy, the division’s licensing project manager.

The DOW recently entered a contract with the Central Bank of Missouri to create and maintain an electronic system for five years.

Under the new system, the DOW will no longer issue paper licenses to businesses that sell hunting and fishing licenses.

Instead, businesses will sell the hunting and fishing licenses electronically through point-of-sale terminals, which will print licenses on demand.

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Jim Simos, owner of Cashway Distributors, will be part of a pilot program for the new license system in December.

“They’re going to give us a machine and we’ll have to take a cut in commission,” Simos said. “Those will be the only changes for businesses.”

Simos agreed that it would be more convenient for those purchasing licenses.

“It’s going to be a lot quicker,” he said.

One reason it will be quicker is the amount of paperwork involved in purchasing a license will be reduced, Molloy said.

“Buyers will no longer have to wait in long lines or fill out lengthy forms,” he said. “They simply can supply a driver’s license or previously purchased hunting or fishing license.”

The new computers will take information directly from the license, authorize the sale through a database and print a new license.

“The new system increases the accuracy of our database, which will help law enforcement officers and provide more precise information,” said Henrietta Turner, the DOW license services manager.

“It’s more like a ski ticket,” said Dan Prenzlow, DOW area manager in Meeker. “You just give the machine the information it needs and it spits out a license.”

Also with the new system, people will be able to purchase licenses over the Internet or by telephone.

Dave Hutton, owner of Craig Sports, said the fact that people can purchase licenses on the Internet will hurt local businesses that sell the licenses.

“Because people can purchase them over the Internet businesses will lose,” Hutton said. “We do a lot of PR work for the DOW during hunting season by staying open late. When they come into our stores to buy the licenses it is compensation for what we do for the DOW. It’s too bad they couldn’t have just left it the way it was.”

The target date to fully implement the new system is April 2, 2003.