First responders train to respond to mass casualities, hazardous materials |

First responders train to respond to mass casualities, hazardous materials

CRAIG — Multiple agencies from Northwest Colorado trained together Saturday, Aug. 18, during a mass causality and hazardous materials containment drill at the Craig Fire Rescue Training tower.

The drill included Craig Fire/Rescue, Craig Haz-Mat, Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue, Memorial Regional Health, Classic Air Medical, and Colorado State Patrol

Supervising the training was Moffat County Sheriff KC Hume, who, during the briefing, told first responders that the training took about a year to organize. Representatives from Atmos Energy served as advisors during the training, and Hume said he was happy to see so many agencies participating.

The purpose of the training, which included live fire props, was to teach area first responders how to handle a mass causality or hazardous material situation, as well as how to work with other agencies were such a situation to arise.

“This is a no-fault learning environment,” Hume said. “The purpose is to learn so we can get better at doing what we do.”

Most importantly, Hume said, he wanted everyone to stay safe during the training.

Volunteers played the roles of victims, and were to be treated as though they were really injured. The idea was to be as realistic as possible during the training, Hume said. Volunteer “victims” were eventually transported to Memorial Regional Health, where they were also treated as actual victims.

After the three-and-a-half hour training session, participants gave their input on the training session, which most deemed helpful.

Hume agreed, saying he believes Northwest Colorado will be ready should a disaster occur.