First Baptist Church presents ‘The Ride’ |

First Baptist Church presents ‘The Ride’

Guest author

“The Ride” is new entertaining, yet deeply moving dramatic film from World Wide Pictures, the motion picture ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Smokey Banks (Michael Biehn) has just been sentenced to community service and released into the custody of Mike Stillwell (Clarence Felder) and his wife, Ellen (Jennifer O’Neill) at the Saguaro Boys’ Ranch. The former world champion bull rider has reached bottom, and now his only task is to teach 14-year old Danny O’Neil (Brock Pierce) how to ride a bull.

Smokey agrees to the conditions only because he doesn’t want to stay in jail and face a long line of others waiting to get their hands on him. He doesn’t anticipate being so affected by young Danny’s courage and determination to ride. Neither does he anticipate Linnette Jennifer Blanc), Mike’s attractive and spirited niece.

When Smokey learns that Danny is dying of cancer, he doesn’t want to stick around to see it. He’s become unexpectedly attached to his little sidekick and doesn’t think he can face the reality of the boy’s illness. He also doesn’t think he can accept the God the Stillwells have shared with him … a God who would allow something like this to happen to an innocent child like Danny.

But Smokey still has some things to learn about life when to hold on and push through … to let go and trust … and most of all, that God is someone who really can be trusted, despite how things appear on the surface.

Pastor Brian Haynes and the congregation of First Baptist Church would like you to attend their showing of this outstanding new film.

“The Ride” will show at 7 p.m. Sept. 12 at the First Baptist Church, 1150 W. Ninth St.

For more information, call the church office at 824-5926. (Information provided by the First Baptist Church).