Fireworks spark late-night blazes near Loudy-Simpson |

Fireworks spark late-night blazes near Loudy-Simpson

Grasses burn along Ranney Street next to the Loudy-Simpson Park Nature Trail.

Independence Day revelers were a few weeks late in Craig, resulting in more than one blaze caused by fireworks.

Emergency agencies were called to Loudy-Simpson Park Tuesday night to a report of a fire, finding more than one incident with flames near the Nature Trail on the side of the road near the Ranney Street bridge south of Craig.

Firefighters and law enforcement confer after extinguishing flames near Loudy-Simpson Park.
Andy Bockelman

Flames also required extinguishing near on the other side of the Loudy-Simpson pond closer to the park.

Craig Fire/Rescue, Craig Police Department, Moffat County Sheriff’s Office and Memorial Regional Health EMS were on the scene, with firefighters quickly getting the incidents under control.

No injuries were reported.

Once flames were out, they quickly searched for additional evidence for the cause of the fire.

Firefighters search for evidence along Ranney Street.
Andy Bockelman

Cpl. Grant Laehr of CPD said investigators believe the incident was the outcome of fireworks launched from more than one spot.

“We’re thinking they were probably set off at separate locations,” he said.

Scanner chatter Tuesday night also mentioned a fire along First Street and indicated that law enforcement had apprehended a suspect, though no additional information was immediately available.

As law enforcement was directing traffic, a number of teenagers were leaving the park, some of whom had called in the initial report.

Hannah Gariner, 18, said she and her friends had glimpsed the impromptu fireworks show from afar before noticing the resultant fire.

“I saw a big firework go up and thought, ‘Wow, that looks cool!’ Then we went over the bridge, and I thought, ‘Oh, my god, that’s a fire,'” she said.

Gariner said she and her friends did not see the parties responsible but were more concerned with trying to put out the fire along the road and reporting the incident.

“It wasn’t too big at first, and we tried to throw water on it and even some Mountain Dew, but it kept getting bigger,” she said.

The incident is still under investigation.