Fire districts burns money |

Fire districts burns money

To the Editor

To the Editor,
On Sept. 23, 1999, a letter was presented to the Board of Directors of the Artesia Fire Protection District (AFPD), a portion of which follows: “Dear Directors, In light of the current financial situation of the AFPD, I would like to offer my services as secretary of the AFPD on a volunteer basis. I believe that this would save the AFPD $1,200 per year and I would hope that these monies could be used to train firefighters. …”
The AFPD has made a big issue of the fact that they are running on a bare-bones budget which is why they cannot afford to spend enought money to properly train firefighters (although they can afford to spend $1,200 for office supplies this year). My offer to perform secretarial duties for the AFPD on a volunteer (free) basis was turned down on the same night that the board of directors passed a resolution absolving the present secretary of any guilt in paying herself $200 for secretary’s salary when she was a member of the board an action that, according to state statute, was, at the very least, improper.
It should be of no comfort to the people of the Artesia Fire Protection District that the current board of directors would rather buy office supplies and unnecessarily pay a secretary than train firefighters, repair fire trucks and buy equipment for the protection of the citizens and taxpayers of the AFPD.
Donna Hamilton,
AFPD liaison officer