Fire burns up garage, but Craig home suffers minimal damage |

Fire burns up garage, but Craig home suffers minimal damage

Nate Waggenspack
The detached garage at the house of Ron and Audrey Danner and everything inside it was lost in a fire Friday night. A neighbor called in seeing the flames, which allowed Craig Fire/Rescue to put out the fire before it did serious damage to the home nearby. The neighbor also moved two dogs away from the flames.
Nate Waggenspack

— The detached garage of a former Moffat County commissioner went up in flames Friday night, but firefighters were able to keep it from ruining the adjacent home.

Ron and Audrey Danner were out of town when something inside their garage, which is separate from the house at 405 Danner Lane south of Craig on Colorado Highway 13, ignited and started a fire that consumed the structure and everything inside it.

Audrey Danner is currently the executive director for the Craig Moffat Economic Development Partnership.

“We were within minutes of having the entire house engulfed in flames,” Audrey Danner said. She and her husband were visiting their newborn grandchild in Montrose when the fire started.

A neighbor called in the flames at 10:19 p.m. Friday and then let two dogs out of a kennel that was sitting near the garage, according to Fire Chief KC Hume. That call itself couldn’t save the garage but may have prevented serious damage from being done to the home.

“I’m extraordinarily grateful,” Audrey Danner said, noting that after they got word of the fire, they headed back to Craig first thing Saturday.

The fire department tackled the flames immediately, working to save the house.

“When we arrived, the garage, which is detached, was fully involved, and the corner of the house closest to the garage had caught, as well,” Hume said. “We extinguished both, the garage was a complete loss but the home only had some superficial charring on the outside of that corner.”

Craig Fire/Rescue had 17 firefighters on scene along with the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office and Colorado State Patrol.

Hume lauded the quick thinking from the neighbor for helping prevent further damage.

“The recognition for the neighbor, he saw there was a problem and called us,” Hume said. “That was a factor in minimizing property loss.”

The fire was determined to have started inside the garage, but the cause is still under investigation.

The garage and all its contents were lost, including a truck and a utility vehicle sitting inside at the time of the fire.

The truck “was very much a good working vehicle,” Audrey Danner said. “It now looks like it’s 100 years old.”

Luckily, they have insurance to help cover the damages, she added.

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