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Few turn out for triathlon

Bruce Tippets

— About 15 people poured into the streets of Craig Saturday for the ninth annual For the Health of It Triathlon.

The turnout was small compared to previous years, with four teams and four individuals making it through the grueling event. The race consisted of a 1/3-mile swim, 15-kilometer bike race and a 5-kilometer run.

“The turnout was down a little this year and I don’t know why other than there is a lot of other activities that are going on,” said Ed Stehlin, race coordinator. “The turnout wasn’t as good as it has been in years past. We usually have six or seven teams and this year we only had four.”

In the men’s 34-44 age group, Ralph Holsworth of Craig claimed first place with a time of 1:11.39.

“I was glad that I was able to finish the triathlon,” said Holsworth. “I thought the course was pretty hard. The bike part had some good hills. The run had a lot of hills and it was pretty tough.

“I will be back next year and I need to train a little bit more in the swimming event. It always seems I am the last one out of the pool and then I catch up in the bike and run portion of the race.”

Other individual winners included Terry Carwile of Craig who won the men’s 54-and-under group with a time of 1:16.38. Linda Casner of Steamboat Springs took first in the women’s 54-and-under age group with a time of 1:18.23.

“The pool is always great to swim in,” said Casner. “The bike part of the race went good except for it could have been a little smoother. The run is always tough and it has a lot of hills.”

Casner said she will try to encourage more people from Steamboat Springs to come over next year for the race.

“It was a great day and it was a good time to do it,” said Casner. “Next year, I need to get a team together from Steamboat Springs. I always try the triathlon every year.”

In the team division, there were two divisions for the race corporate and non corporate.

In the corporate division, members of the Moffat Family Clinic (Lynne Lindgren, Catherine Crowe and Allan Reishus) took the title. The team crossed the finish line in a time of 1:28.24

In the non-corporate division, Janne Rader, Tim Paske and Jim Mattern took first place. Their time was 1:02.42.

Despite the small number of participants Saturday, the race will not be dropped.

“We will have the triathlon next year,” said Stehlin. “I think that we will continue having it and maybe we need to do a little bit better job marketing the triathlon.”


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