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Fay Hafey: Vallarta’s restaurant staff went extra mile

To the Editor:

On Dec. 20, I took my granddaughter that was visiting family here out to dinner at Craig’s new Vallarta’s Mexican Restaurant in the mall. We decided on Mexican food and had been told that the food was very good. Indeed it was, and the young man who was the waiter at our table was very prompt, polite and genuinely caring about the service we got.

The next day, I discovered that I had lost a bank envelope with a considerable amount of cash. I knew the last place where I had the money was at the restaurant and I went in to see if it had been turned in or if an employee had found it. The young hostess I talked to came back with another employee with the envelope in his hand and had it secured with tape to be sure the money stayed inside and told me they counted it and there was $280 in it.

I knew there was between $200 and $300 and I told the gentleman I wasn’t sure I would get the money back, and that I had hoped if I didn’t get it back that hopefully whoever had it needed it more than I did. He responded that we all work hard for our money.

I wanted to leave him a reward, but he refused. He told me that after my granddaughter and I had left the restaurant they tried to find us in the parking lot to return the money. They went that extra mile.

As for me, I was excited to get the money back, but also felt reassured that there are still people out there with integrity and honesty. When I got back to the house I told my granddaughter of the good news and she said she had prayed about it. That was another uplift.

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This is a wonderful season to be joyful, sharing and remembering what Christmas is all about. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share something good when there are so many negatives all about us.

Fay Hafey